What is ProNox, and how does it work?

Patients who are uneasy about treatment at the office of Bluewater Plastic Surgery in Santa Rosa Beach and Niceville, Florida, may want to ask about certain sedation techniques used to treat anxiety. Dr. Steven Clark is pleased to offer ProNox, which administers nitrous oxide during patient treatments.

What is ProNox?

Dr. Steven Clark of Bluewater Plastic Surgery describes ProNox as using nitrous oxide for relaxation, and assisting patients who have appointments that cause anxiety and unease. This anxiety treatment is the same as the nitrous oxide used in the dental office for sedation. By administering nitrous oxide to patients during their procedures, patients feel completely relaxed, even with our more aggressive skin care treatments. Whether you are uneasy about needles and injections or want to feel comfortable during your upcoming laser skin resurfacing procedure, Dr. Steven Clark can administer ProNox nitrous oxide for a positive experience in our office.

Is ProNox long-lasting?

One of the primary benefits of this sedation anxiety treatment is the ability to quickly calm patients and also remove the nitrous oxide to bring them back to their normal state. As long as our machine is administering nitrous oxide, patients are relaxed during their services. When the treatment is complete, oxygen is administered through the mask to reverse the effects of nitrous oxide. Because this sedation is entirely reversible, patients can leave the office and transport themselves to work, school, or home immediately following their services with Dr. Steven Clark.

What is the cost of adding ProNox to a treatment?

Many patients find that adding ProNox to their cosmetic treatment is affordable and well worth the relaxation they experience during their time in our office.

Is ProNox right for me?

Are you ready to find out more about treatment with ProNox? Call Dr. Steven Clark and his team at (850) 530-6064 at Bluewater Plastic Surgery in Niceville and Santa Rosa Beach, FL, to learn more. The primary office is located at 4550 Highway 20 in Niceville, with a satellite location in Santa Rosa Beach at 6757 Highway 98, Suite #302.