At Bluewater Plastic Surgery, there are a number of different procedures we can perform in-house. These non-invasive procedures are an excellent choice because they can be administered in a convenient location with minimal downtime and zero time spent at the hospital!

Our clinic is a professional and sterile environment where you can feel comfortable while achieving your desired physical appearance. Dr. Clark is board certified and highly experienced in providing the best care for patients, no matter the procedure they choose.

We offer a little bit of everything for everyone when it comes to in-house procedures. Our skin treatment services range from scar revision and lesion removal to microneedling and traumatic laceration repair. We perform all of these procedures plus more in-house!

Additionally, Bluewater Plastic Surgery offers ear lobe repair, lip augmentation and laser hair removal all under the same roof! Our office offers patients a private, relaxing place to receive minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to help them look years younger without the hassle of an appointment at the hospital.

When considering any of our in-house procedures, Dr. Clark will discuss your unique concerns because he understands that every patient is different in how they see themselves. Dr. Clark is board certified (ABPS) and is also a member surgeon with the Aesthetic Society (ASAPS), as well as the American Society for Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Scar removing
scar revision
Cosmetic skin lesion removal
cosmetic Skin Lesion Removal
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ear shaping
RF Micro needling treatment
RF Microneedling
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Ear Lobe Repair
Lip Augmentation treatments
Lip Augmentation
Traumatic Laceration Repair process
Traumatic Laceration Repair
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal