Excessive skin and fatty tissue can be removed from the abdomen and stomach muscles tightened to help restore an aesthetically pleasing midsection. Incisions necessary to remove unwanted tissue are placed in low, more easily concealed areas and the navel can be made to look more youthful. These procedures are most commonly done under general anesthesia and can accomplish what years of exercise and weight control methods have not been able to achieve. Modified abdominoplasty procedures are an option for those individuals whose laxity is primarily below the navel.

“Dr. Clark is a perfectionist, and that’s exactly what you want in a plastic surgeon. My tummy tuck made me look and feel like a new woman. Aftercare was amazing: kind, caring, gentle staff. Pain was minimal. Scar was faded into thin line and is practically unnoticeable, Guess you can tell I’m thrilled with the results. Thank you Dr. Clark, and everyone at Bluewater Plastic Surgery.”
Susan, Mary Esther, FL

Tummy Tuck Before and After Patient 30