Would you like to look more masculine – more powerful?  Then Chin Surgery or Mentoplasty is an effective surgical procedure designed to help you achieve that goal.

Chin surgery is a procedure done to reshape the chin either by enhancing it with an implant (chin augmentation) or surgically reshaping or reducing the bone.

Chin augmentation can be done by itself to improve a weak or receding chin, or in conjunction to other procedures to balance out the proportions of the face. To improve the harmony of the facial features and improve the chin/jaw/cheek, and forehead balance, there are several types of interventions that Dr. Clark can suggest to you.

One surgical technique used is moving the bone from the jaw itself – forward, this operation is called a Mentoplasty or Genioplasty. Alternatively, to give more projection to the chin, a shaped silicone implant can be used placing the incision to insert the implant well-hidden just underneath the chin. Neck liposuction and or Rhinoplasty can enhance the results of a chin augmentation.  Dr. Clark will discuss the best surgical plan for your needs.

If a receding chin is not your problem and you want to reduce an overly projecting chin, bone can be removed. Additionally, modifications to the upper and/or lower jaw can be advised for improved chewing dynamics and occlusion (how the teeth fit together.) These operations can vary in range from simple to very complex.


  • Dr. Clark always asks that his patients DON’T Smoke.
  • Tell the nurse and Dr. Clark what medications and supplements you are taking.
  • Have realistic expectations and be clear about what results you’re looking for.
  • Follow your post-operative care instructions carefully.


You can be confident knowing that this surgery is being performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who was a board-certified oral surgeon prior to becoming a plastic surgeon. Mentoplasty, Genioplasty, Chin Augmentation can be one of the most rewarding procedures for men and our patients report a significant increase in their self-confidence and enjoy looking more masculine.

For more information about Chin Surgery, please click on the following link.: https://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/chin-surgery