When it comes to going to the beach or gym, men living on the Emerald Coast strive for six-pack abs.  Despite having a good diet and consistent workout routine, there are some men who have trouble getting the toned abdominal definition they desire.  Losing that stubborn layer of fat from their midsection can become increasingly difficult due to a variety of factors such as age and genetics.  For these patients, a technique called “abdominal sculpting”, or “abdominal etching” has been developed and it can help create the classic ‘six-pack abs’ look that our male patients desire.

All men have those six-pack muscles, but some men have a lot of difficulty getting them to show.  Doing core exercises like crunches and sit-ups can help build those muscles, but if the fat is still there, on top of the muscles, it pushes out your belly further.  Abdominal etching/sculping, a recently developed procedure uses precisely targeted liposuction to achieve greater definition of the abdominal muscles.  Using power-assisted liposuction, abdominal etching is an excellent method for sculpting an ideal abdomen; it’s safe, effective, and creates that defined abdominal wall sought after in male patients.

Patient selection is important to a good outcome; abdominal sculpting works best on patients that are in good shape but have areas of fat that are resistant to achieving the abdominal muscle definition they desire. This procedure is not for everyone and does not work well for patients who are obese.  Dr. Clark recommends abdominal sculpting/etching for men who are at a stable weight and within a few pounds of their ideal weight.

Dr. Clark is meticulous in his liposuction technique, and his preoperative marking provides a template for sculpting the abdominal fat in both the superficial and deeper layers, which accentuates the natural ‘six-pack’ lines in the male patient. Noticeable hip lines are usually desired, and the technique can be altered to provide a softer, shallower look, or a harder, more-defined degree of abdominal sculpting. There will be special foam dressings that are cut to size to compress the newly etched lines and they’ll be worn for at least three days.  That will be followed by full-time compression for two weeks post operatively and part time for another couple of weeks.


  • Dr. Clark always asks that his patients DON’T SMOKE
  • Tell the nurse and Dr. Clark what medications and supplements you are taking.
  • Be at your goal weight for at least one year, be in good shape, and follow a healthy diet and have a regular exercise routine.
  • Have realistic expectations and be clear about what results you’re looking for.
  • Follow your post-operative care instructions carefully and wear your compression garment as instructed.
  • Patients who maintain good long-term results often consult with a sports nutritionist to optimize their nutrition and exercise plan.


Abdominal sculpting surgery, when performed by a knowledgeable plastic surgeon, can be a very positive experience.  Dr. Clark is a well-qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon who values your input, will listen to your concerns, explain your surgical options and give you his expert recommendation.  Your consultation with him is your first step to achieving the abdomen you’ve always dreamed of.

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