Years of smiles and laughs along with aging skin and loss of cheek volume can leave you with less prominent cheekbones, a hollowed appearance under the eyes, a deep laugh-line between the nose and lip, also known as a nasolabial fold, and jowls in the lower cheek. At Bluewater Plastic Surgery, we offer cheek and mid-facelift procedures that can restore cheek fullness, or volume of the mid-face. During a cheek/mid-facelift, the cheek tissue is re-suspended over the cheek bone to restore a more prominent, youthful contour. Our patients especially love this procedure due to its natural and balanced results. A cheek lift or mid-facelift can be performed either alone or in combination with a brow-lift to reduce forehead wrinkles and lines. To further enhance the rejuvenation results, these procedures can also be combined with a lower facelift to improve the appearance of the neck and jawline.

Dr. Clark, a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with additional residency training in Maxillofacial surgery, uses minimally invasive cheek and midface techniques with limited incisions – Another reason this procedure is so popular!

Midface_cheek Lift Patient #79
Eyelid Surgery Before And After Patient #7