Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty)

Your ears should complement your features, not take all the attention.  Men, in particular, appreciate the benefits of ear reshaping.  Most young men and boys cite teasing as their motivation to undergo otoplasty surgery and the earlier the surgery takes place, the more they’re able to avoid peer ridicule and the psychological damage that can accompany that ridicule.  Whether it’s due to a congenital deformity such as “protrusive ears” or because of trauma, ear tissue can be modified to improve the size, shape, prominence, and overall appearance of the ears.  Boys, age 5 and up are common candidates for “ear pinning” surgery, although many teens and older men opt for this surgery as well. There are no upper age limits to having this surgery performed and if you’re in good health, you’re a good candidate for the surgery.  There were 4,175 male patients who had otoplasty in 2019 (Statistical Information is from the 2019 The Aesthetic Society data).

Otoplasty is relatively a straightforward procedure that takes about 1½ hours to complete and creates a more natural shape to the ear while bringing the ears and face into balance and proportion.  The ears are brought closer to the head using permanent sutures that are hidden in the crease behind the ear.  Dr. Clark has found that the correction of even minor malformations can provide significant benefits to a patient’s appearance and self-esteem.

What Can Otoplasty Treat?

  • A condition called macrotia, a congenital ear deformity that is marked by ears that are oversized and not in proportion to the head.
  • Protruding ears, which sometimes only on one side, or it can occur on both sides, in varying degrees.
  • Trauma to the ears that occurs as a result of an accident, burn, or bite.
  • Adults who are unhappy with previous ear surgery and wish to refine their results.


Ear surgery can be carried out under local anesthesia in the office, or under intravenous sedation or general anesthesia in an outpatient or hospital setting.  Dr. Clark will discuss the best option for you and your situation.

Recovery After Otoplasty

For most people recovery after otoplasty is quite tolerable because there’s little pain, and after a short recovery period in our office (or an ambulatory surgery center if you prefer), you’ll return home and normal activities can be resumed within 7-10 days – exercise is usually permitted after 2 weeks.  You’ll be able to shower 3-4 days after the procedure, but you can bathe before then, taking care to keep your head dry.

Learn More

Dr. Clark is an active member of two prestigious professional societies for board-certified plastic surgeons: the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS).

Click here for information from the ASPS: https://www.plasticsurgery.org/cosmetic-procedures/ear-surgery

Click here for information from the ASAPS:  https://www.smartbeautyguide.com/photo-gallery/head-face/ear-surgery/

You will see what to expect and tips for recovery.