Enjoy facial resurfacing with various treatment options.

Dr. Steven Clark wants his patients in the Niceville and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, area to know that his practice offers both surgical and nonsurgical solutions for a wide range of cosmetic imperfections. Facial resurfacing treatments are a great way of exfoliating away dead skin cells, stimulating collagen and elastin production, and bringing forth a more youthful, radiant appearance. Below are just a couple of the more common facial resurfacing services and treatments available at our office for skin enhancement:

  • Facial fillers. Injecting hyaluronic acid dermal fillers is a great way to add volume to fine lines and wrinkles to smooth the skin and restore one’s youthful look. Injections will last several months until reinjection is required to maintain the results.
  • Laser resurfacing. Using a specialized laser for the face, patients can enjoy skin cell renewal deep within. Laser treatments are more aggressive than other facial treatments available at our office, but the results are undeniable.
  • Dermabrasion. Dermabrasion has been around for years and is an excellent way of removing the dead skin cells from the very top layer of the skin and stimulating skin cell turnover with a pen-like device used along the skin’s surface.
  • RF microneedling. Using very tiny needles that puncture the skin and administer radiofrequency energy, patients will see dramatic improvements in their appearance over time. This treatment is great for those with poor skin texture and tone who want smoother, more youthful skin.

Which treatment is right for me?

At Bluewater Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steven Clark evaluates your skin and can make appropriate recommendations after learning about the areas of concern you would like to improve. Often, patients who come in for a facelift consultation may find that he has a wide range of facial treatments available to delay the need for plastic surgery and enhance the skin’s appearance more conservatively.

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If you are interested in any of our facial resurfacing treatments available at our Niceville and Santa Rosa Beach, FL, locations, call (850) 530-6064 to request a consultation visit with our team. Dr. Steven Clark can guide you through the many services available at his office for skin enhancement and improved beauty!