Breast reduction surgery is a must-have procedure for women in the Destin, Florida area that want to alleviate their pain and symptoms that are associated with having large breasts. This extremely common procedure can reduce and even eliminate back pain, neck pain and even grooving from bra straps. 

Breast reduction surgery isn’t just about symptom alleviation. In fact, many women elect this surgery to achieve the specific shape and appearance of breast that they want to have. 

During a Breast Reduction consultation, you’ll discuss your goals and desired outcomes with Dr. Clark and learn more about the options best suited for your unique needs. Although there are several different breast reduction procedures, unfortunately, none can be completed without leaving a scar. The good news is that Dr. Clark utilizes proven techniques that can leave very minimal scarring.

Although each patient is unique, which means results may vary, Dr. Clark is board certified and is well known not only for the quality of his work, but also for the satisfaction of his many patients. Schedule a consultation today to see if a Breast Reduction could be the right choice for you.

Breast Reduction Before and After Patient 110